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Futsal Oz Laws and Code of Conduct
Series Futsal Rules


Futsal Oz Laws and Code of Conduct

The Futsal Oz Code of Conduct is designed to provide all social league teams / players / captains / supporters / patrons with important information which Futsal Oz considers to be acceptable standard of behaviour and conduct. These codes illustrate how Futsal Oz expects your team/club should expect its members and guests to behave

It is the responsibility of each player/patron to be familiar with the Futsal Oz Centre Laws, Code of Conduct as well as the appropriate League Rules for the competition played.

More information can be found here.

League Rules

It is the responsibility of each player/patron to be familiar with the appropriate League Rules for the competition played as well as the Futsal Oz Centre Laws and Code of Conduct.

League Rules can be downloaded here.

Series Futsal

The base rules that apply at Futsal Oz are those of Series Futsal Rules, unless a rule of Futsal Oz’s competition in question provides otherwise. In a case where there is a conflict between the League Rules of the competition played and Series Futsal Rules the League Rules for the Competition Played will prevail.

Series Futsal Rules can be downloaded here.

Futsal Oz Junior Nationals

Please refer to the Futsal Oz Junior Nationals rules by clicking here.

Futsal Oz Junior State Championship

Please refer to the Junior State Championship rules by clicking here.

Extreme Heat Policy

The Futsal Oz Extreme Heat Policy can be accessed by clicking here.

COVID-19 Policy

Return to Futsal COVID-19 Policy can be found here.

Futsal Positions Explained

Futsal is played with a total of five on field players per team – One goalkeeper and four players. Substitutes can be used anytime during the match. By nature of the small court size, all players contribute to both attack and defensive play. However, there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to player positions and roles. How does your team stack up to the theory below?

Goalkeeper (Keeper)

A very important position with the goalkeeper playing a vital role in determining the final score. This is usually the friend who can’t run or is injured and needed to help the team. Having a gun in goals will almost guarantee success at the end of the season and come finals time.

Fixo (Fixed Defender)

Most often the captain and/or the team manager of the side. The one who puts in the most effort both off the court and on. The last ditch attempts in defence to not allow the opposition to score and the one who helps out the goalkeeper behind the most. A top shelf Fixo has the team in front well structured and organised.

Ala (Left & Right Winger)

Two Wingers, one on the left and one on the right. These two players are the two work horses in the team. Usually the fittest two players are designated the role of Winger with the idea of helping attack and also getting back to help defend. Fitness is a requirement the higher you go up in leagues.

Pivot (Target)

A goal scorer the one who holds up play, the friend with the biggest shot! The star who attacks more than defends. The team-mate who gets the call up each week, the one everyone looks to for goals.

Futsal positions explained