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Online Team Registration

The online registration is the best way to lock in your spot and get involved in the Futsal Oz action.

A grading match allows us to grade your team and ensure you are placed in a suitable league/division.

Will the online registration take long?

The online registration process is simple and will only take 3 minutes!

I have registered. Now what?

That's it. Futsal Oz will contact you ASAP with a grading match time so round up your friends and get excited!

As captain, you will need to round up your friends and let them know the following:

  • Grading match time - please arrive early!
  • ALL PLAYERS need to bring Photo ID to register BEFORE the match
  • Match payment in full must be made PRIOR to grading match starting
  • FUTSAL SHOES ONLY! If your shoes mark the courts, your team will not be accepted
  • UNIFORMS: try to all wear the same colour shirts. Uniforms are not compulsory for your grading match
  • Head over to our RULES page and familiarise yourselves with our Futsal Oz Rules
  • Futsal Oz has two world-class futsal-specific stadiums across Victoria ensuring there is one close to you with stadiums in Brunswick and Thomastown.

    If you're not quite ready to register yet and would like to get in contact with your local stadium, please phone 1300 788 799 or enquire online.