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Would you like to own your own Futsal Oz?

We are working hard finalising our franchise model to open the doors for forward-thinking futsal lovers to own their own Futsal Oz.

Fill out the franchise enquiry form below and we will contact you when we are ready to launch.

It's early in the process but here's what you can expect...
  • Your first step is to fill out our enquiry form below.
  • Futsal Oz will contact you to arrange a phone meeting. In this meeting we will introduce the franchise model, answering questions on how the franchise system works, to help you decide whether it is something you may wish to pursue.
  • Following this call you will be instructed to make enquiries into your ability to raise necessary funds for the franchise.
  • Next step is a face to face meeting with a Futsal Oz Representative who will sit down with you and go through the model.
  • Following this meeting should we both wish to proceed, the final step is for you to receive your legal pack. This will include a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), the Franchise Agreement (FA) and a copy of the Franchise Code of Conduct. You will be required to submit a fully refundable holding deposit on these documents and you will keep these documents to obtain your own advice.
  • Following you receiving advice, the franchise will either be assigned to you or documents returned and your holding deposit refunded.